Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 13: Where Eagles Lair (Part 5)

The heroes win the day and pursue their goal

The bereskarn, starting to fear Ser Blathe over his hurlock handlers, turns his attention to the knight and lands a devastating blow, rending his armor. As the other heroes attack the beast from atop the wall, several hurlocks charge him. Suddenly, the beast and several hurlocks are felled by a storm of Avvar arrows. A tremendous cheer erupts from the Avvars on the walls, accompanied by a huge wail from the darkspawn. As Ser Blathe is knocked unconscious by a hurlock’s arrow and his severe wounds, it dawns on the heroes that the flames engulfing the bereskarn may ignite the gates of Redhold. Fortunately, Orvell finds a holocaust cloak, and uses it to put out the flames. He harvests the skull as Ser Blathe is taken for healing.

As Glegori assists Elorn with the wounded and Orvell takes the skull to a craftsman for fashioning into a helmet, Redhold’s hunters return, led by the Thane’s son Treon. He greets the heroes, demonstrating his thanks for their heroics in the battle. He also informs Ser Blathe that the Thane has granted him the title of Champion of Sigfrost for defeating the bereskarn. That afternoon, they are summoned to the Thane’s longhouse, where the Thane releases them from their oath, and grants them the use of three hunters, Attus, Cathal, and Virome, to guide them to Balan’s lair. They soon depart, with Blathe sporting a new bereskarn helmet. As they ride, Cathal informs them of Balan’s demagoguery, as well as a likely way to defeat him- challenging him to a duel. As they discuss, Azur rides up behind them and insists they he join them to rescue Izot. The heroes reluctantly agree, and they approach a crumbling ice bridge, on the other side of which is Balan’s lair. Ser Blathe issues a challenge, and he and Balan, an orange-haired fellow, engage on the bridge. With a large amount of foresight, Orvell ties a rope around him. While Blathe disarms Balan, Balan knocks him off the side with a throwing axe. The rope catches him, with all of his comrades pulling it taut. He lobs a spear at Balan, which just manages to hit him as he turns away, enraged by Orvell’s taunts.

Quote of the Day: “I’m sorry, but your princess is in another hold.”


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