Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 12: Where Eagles Lair (Part 4)

The heroes make a desperate stand

The battle for Redhold begins in earnest when the wall is charged by genlocks, sent forward to test the Avvars’ defenses. They use siege ladders to grapple onto the wall, and the heroes hold the center of the wall, with Redhold warriors on their flanks. Glegori uses magic to burn down several ladders, while Orvell knocks them down. Kattrin and Ser Blathe fight any that climb the walls, while Phoenix sleeps. After a pitched fight, and a near rupture of the Avvar lines, the darkspawn sound the retreat and the genlocks fall back.

Twenty minutes later, the hurlocks charge the wall. Now, the heroes are more prepared, and the fewer numbers of hurlocks allow the heroes to keep them primarily off the wall. Nonetheless, the hurlocks break through the Avvar defenders to the heroes’ right. They are forced to track down and eliminate a few hurlocks to protect Redhold itself. Throughout the battle, the Avvar archers below provide invaluable help to the heroes. After the hurlock assault fails, the heroes meet a wounded Thane Owyn. He asks that they take command of what few warriors remain in fighting condition. They consolidate their forces near the gate, anticipating an assault to break the gate. They are correct. A hue and cry goes up amongst the darkspawn, welcoming a dreaded bereskarn. Prodded by its hurlock handlers, the bereskarn slams into Redhold’s gate, literally shaking the wall. Surrounded by wide-eyed defenders, the heroes spring into action. Orvell pours oil on the beast, which Glegori ignites with magical electricity. Then, foolhardy as ever, Ser Blathe grabs his sword and leaps off the wall, stabbing the giant right through the neck. It erupts in a spout of blood as Blathe rolls off, unscathed by the flames.

Quote of the Day: “Siege going on. Bring your own ladder. Hot dogs 1/2 off.”


You forgot the bit where Stormhold shot the bereskarn in the face.

SonGuildMaster SonGuildMaster

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