Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 11: Where Eagles Lair (Part 3)

The heroes prepare for the fight of their lives

The heroes spend the rest of the day relaxing around Redhold. Orvell trades some of his wares for weapons, furs, and goat cheese, while Ser Blathe gets in a friendly bar fight. The next morning, a heavily wounded Azur Ar Brosna, the Thane’s nephew, approaches them, asking after their intentions in Redhold. He discerns that the heroes are searching for a kidnapped lowlander girl, and informs them that she has been kidnapped by the rogue Avvar Balan Ar Malad, a clanless bandit. Azur offers the guide the heroes to Balan’s lair in the Frostbacks, but his eagerness to leave Redhold arouses the heroes’ suspicions. Azur says he will wait several hours to leave, hoping to follow the heroes and meet up with them in the wilderness, and heads back to his longhouse.

Orvell decides to follow Azur, and he, along with Glegori, spend much of the day investigating Azur. They discover that he and a small band of companions were in the lowlands around the time Izot was kidnapped, and they were attacked by Balan at the site of the air burial. Orvell and Glegori report their findings to the rest of the group, who determine to stay in Redhold to determine if Azur kidnapped Izot. The heroes receive an invitation to a feast at the Thane’s longhouse that evening, and decide to attend, partially in the hopes that Azur will be there. He is indeed present, but before the heroes can approach him, Thane Owyne asks to discuss certain matters with them. The Thane confirms Azur’s story about Balan’s attack, and that Balan indeed has Izot captive. The Thane offers to provide a group of hunters as a guide to the heroes in their pursuit of Balan, on the rather large condition that they defend Redhold from an encroaching horde of darkspawn. He offers further incentive-a ancient, magical longsword named Aamor Fin. The heroes swear oaths to defend Redhold, and Glegori recieves Aamor Fin. The Thane and his warleaders then discuss battle plans for their fifty warriors to survive an onslaught of close to two hundred darkspawn. The following night, the horde arrives and encircles Redhold. With the shots of arrows and the frightening display of magic, the battle begins.

Quote of the Day: “May my hat spontaneously combust and consume me in flames.”-Glegori’s Oath to defend Redhold


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