Satsuriku no Tenshi


weapon (melee)

Two-Handed Sword, Attack=3D6, Damage=3D6


The ancestral blade of Dorn Blathe, taken from a darkspawn during an assault. The reforging process obliterated all of the magic that once resided within the blade.

Previous Human Wielder: Ser Capridos Blathe, father of Ser Dorn Blathe.

The blade was taken from his lifeless corpse by a darkspawn, but the blade cracked down the center, one of it’s various wards against darkspawn. Luckily, that same darkspawn assaulted Dorn’s home, only to find that the blade snapped in the heat of combat when a woman was hit in the heart with an arrow. The sudden snap was with enough force that the darkspawn wielding it died of shock. The surrounding darkspawn felt a tremor in the ground that knocked them off their feet, Dorn and the other squires used the opportunity to slit the throats of the fallen darkspawn.

Satsuriku no Tenshi

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