Timeline and Major Events

There have been nine ages since the ancient era when the Tevinter Imperium dominated Thedas. Each age is 100 years. Dates are noted with the number of the age, a colon, and then the year. The current year is 9:32, which means the thirty-second year of the Dragon Age. The timeline of ages is below.

I. Divine

This was the age of the Second Blight

II. Glory

In this age Teryn Caedmon became the first king of Ferelden, but the kingdom did not survive his death. The Chantry also declared an Exalted March against the Dales, and troops from Orlais and Ferelden destroyed the Elven homeland.

III. Towers

This was the age of the Third Blight. Ferelden also faced the threat of the Chasinds, led by the abomination Flemeth and her daughters the Korcari witches.

IV. Black

Ferelden fought a great war against the werewolves, driving them to extinction. Orlais tried to take advantage and invaded Ferelden for the first time but was defeated after a three-year war.

V. Exalted

This was the age of the Fourth Blight. Calenhad claimed the kingship of Ferelden,= and succeeding in uniting the tribes into a true nation at last. The Grey Wardens also established a permanent presence in Ferelden.

VI. Steel

The Avvars invaded Ferelden, causing widespread demonstration and famine. They were eventually pushed back, but bad blood between Fereldans and Avvars continues to the present day.

VII. Storm

The Grey Wardens were forced out of Ferelden. In the north new Exalted Marches were fought against the Qunari, strange invaders from across the sea.

VIII. Blessed

Orlais invaded Ferelden a second time. Civil war wracked the country as the usurper King Meghren fought the forces of the Rebel Queen.

IX. Dragon

Maric, son of the murdered Rebel Queen, defeated the Orlesians and claimed the throne of Ferelden. Shortly before the decisive Battle of the River Dane, a dragon appeared and ravaged the Orlesian countryside. Dragons were thought to have been hunted to extinction, so there was no doubt that its appearance heralded the Dragon Age. The Fifth Blight is fought in Ferelden. King Alistair Cousland ascends to the throne after the death of King Cailian in the Blight.

Timeline and Major Events

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