Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 2: The Chantry of the Stilled Tongue (Part 2)
The threat of the cultists is ended

The heroes head towards the cultists’ base at the end of Cooper Lane. The Chantry of the Stilled Tongue is wedged up against the Denerim city wall at the northeast corner of the city. Entering the building, the heroes encounter two heavily trained and equipped cultists. After a vicious and pitched battle, which cost the life of the hero Tom Joe, the heroes continue on into the hideout. A kitchen and ritual room prove fairly uneventful, but the living room contains the dead bodies of three cultists, suggesting Captain Braedon’s group of guardsmen had arrived already. Heading upstairs, the heroes encounter the attractive leader of the cult, Mother Brianna, a woman possessed by a spirit from the fade that wishes to prevent heresy from being spoken by cutting out the tongues of young children. Mother Brianna is a masterful seductress, and manages to ensnare Dorn in her thrall. Eventually, the heroes defeat Mother Brianna and rescue Captain Braedon and his men.

In the morning, the heroes are approached by a messenger from Bann Nicola Baranti, presenting an invitation to dinner that evening. Bann Nicola is well known in Denerim as a patron of many good works, including orphanages and charities. Accepting the invitation to dinner, the heroes converse with Bann Nicola about their adventures the previous evening. After one of the fienst dinners money can buy, Bann Nicola offers the heroes her patronage and employment. The heroes accept.

Session 1: The Chantry of the Stilled Tongue (Part 1)
A group of cultists are kidnapping children in Denerim

On a cool, misty night in the Dregs district of Denerim, a group of heroes, consisting of Ser Dorn Blathe, a knight, Carson Oliver Jerrick, a war veteran and Mabari war dog trainer, Phoenix, an apostate mage, and Tom Joe, a rogue with a pet butternut squash, encounter a group of cultists with a kidnapped boy in tow. Some House Baranti guardsmen arrive, and a skirmish ensues. The cultists are all killed, and it is discovered that the boy’s tongue has been cut out. The captain of the guardsmen, Captain Braedon, enlists the aid of the heroes to stop another kidnapping already in progress. With a noble goal ahead, the heroes head off to Tern Street to save another child.

As the heroes arrive at Tern Street, they find a group of cultists, accompanied by an apostate, attempting to break into the bedroom of a townhouse, where a family is hiding in fear. The heroes assault the cultists, and successfully rescue the family. Searching the bodies, the heroes find the location of the cultists’ base, The Chantry of the Stilled Tongue at the end of Cooper Lane.


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