Glegori's Miscellaneous Adventures

Some of what Glegori did after the end of the Amber Rage quest while in Denerim


The majority of what follows is a dialogue between two player characters that I (Theodore) have made. I find it to be excruciatingly awkward. Like, more so than Ser Dorn talking to that one village guy’s daughter. Part of me thinks that I should get an automatic willpower courage focus just for putting this out for all to see. If you dare to read on, please understand that these two are both completely under my control, and I ask that you don’t insult me for it. Please. For the love of the Maker. I felt like I was going to throw up multiple times while writing this.

Edit: Did I forget to mention that this was part one of an unknown amount of similar encounters?


After agreeing to work under Bann Nicola, Glegori went to the streets to find supplies and whatnot, when he finds the girl who delivered him from his original home to the main part of Ferelden (her name is Ruby Rose, by the way) and decides to talk with her. [start dialogue]

G: “Why, hello there Ruby!”
R: “Huh? Oh! Hi Glegori. How are you.”
G: “I’m fine, or at least still alive. How about you?”
R: “Well, remember that group of people who I was with? The people who said they went around everywhere and did good deeds? There’s a new person in charge now, and they’ve flipped the entire premise around.”
G: “Oh, that’s awful. I actually found an alright group of individuals down in the Wilds. By the way, you wouldn’t happen to have any information on ‘him,’ would you?”
R: “I know he’s moved, but I doubt he knows that you’re here.”
G: “That’s good. Do you need anything? I may be able to help you.”
R: “For now, let’s just spend some time together. I was planning on going to the market for a few supplies. Come on! Follow me!”
G: “Hey! Slow down!”
Later, in the market district…
R: “Oh, hey! A violin. I remember playing one when I was younger.” Sigh
G: “… Alright.”
R: “Huh?”
G: “Alright. As in, ‘Alright, I’ll get it for you.’”
R: “Why? I mean, thank you, but why?”
G: “I want to hear you play! Sure, it may take a while for you to remember, but I’d bet you’re still really good. Plus, I heard you like music, so-”
R: “Alright! Fine! You can stop now.”
He buys the instrument for her, they finish buying what they need, and leave for someplace quieter.
R: “OK, I think it’s all tuned now. Any requests?”
G: “Just pick something you think would be nice.”
She plays a song (I won’t say which one, but it sounds great)
G: “That… was incredible.”
R: “No, it was decent, but it wasn’t special.”
G: “Really! It was just-” Grwooooar
R: “What was that?”
G: "… Heh! Must have been my stomach. Do you know anywhere we could eat?
R: “Hmm… OH yeah! This way!”
They go and eat dinner together
G: “That was fun, Ruby. It looks like it’s getting dark, though.”
R: “That’s too bad. Are you planning on staying for a while?”
G: “I hope I’ll be able to. I think you’d like to meet my new group.”
R: “Maybe tomorrow?”
G: “I think that will work.Where are you staying?”
R: “I… don’t really have anywhere to stay in town.”
G: “What? That’s terrible!”
R: “Wait… I think I have an idea! We could share your room!”
G: “Uhh…”
R: “What’s wrong? I don’t see anyth- oh. OH! NOT LIKE THAT! Not like that!”
G: “H-h-hey! It’s fine! There’s probably nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way you said it…”
R: “Yeah, i-I know now. S-sorry.”
G: “No problem. Just follow me!”
R:”Thanks again for letting me stay in your room.”
G:”Your welcome, for the about 6th time. You can stop whenever you feel like it.”
Glegori opens the door, and…
G:”Ohh… How are we going to work this out?”
R:”What’s wrong?”
G:”There’s only one bed… I’ll let you use the bed”
R:”No, it’s your room, so you use it.”
R:”You are sleeping in the bed, and that’s final”
Not too long after, when Glegori is asleep…
R:”OK, maybe this wasn’t my best move.I’m freezing!… (I wonder if he’ll mind if I slide into the bed… That’s better! And he’s still asleep! I just need to wake up first, and he’ll never know I was here!)”
[Can you guess what happens next?]
Morning happens, and Glegori wakes up first.
G:”Ahh… Huh? Ruby!? Why’s she up here?”
G: Gulp. “What do I do? What if she wakes up?”
While still asleep, she loosely wraps an arm around Glegori’s torso.
G:”This is so weird… Meep.”
Ruby finally wakes up and discovers herself in this scenario.
R:”Huh? Bwah!” She retracts her arm and nearly falls on the floor.
G:”Wait! Let’s just calm down. Why were you in the bed?”
R:”I got cold!”
G:”If you were cold, you could have just woken me up and asked to trade places. I wouldn’t have been angry.”
G:”Because why?”
R:”… Reasons.”
G:”… Well that’s rather nondescript, but if you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to right now.”
R:”Thank you. I would tell you, it’s just I’m kind of… afraid”
G:”Maybe you can try again later.”
She nervously smiles and blushes quite a bit.
R:”So, breakfast?”
G:”Yes! Breakfast!”
Later that morning…
G:”Would you like to meet my new comrades?”
R:”Sure, where are they?”
G:”I have no idea, but that won’t stop me from trying! What I do know is that one of these people, a dwarf, will be going all over town looking for information about his lost brother, so we may not be able to see him.”
R:”Alright, so how about we look for someone easier to find?”
G:”Well, Ser Dorn is a tall knight, and I’m pretty sure he said he’d be patrolling around somewhere around here. Either that or he’s checking the post so see if some letter he wrote to a village girl he met has been sent yet.”
R:”Sounds good, lead the way, mustache!”
G:”What’s wrong with my facial hair?”
R:”Nothing! It’s just very distinguishing. I actually like it.”
G:”Alright. I’m glad you like it. Anyway, off we go!"
G:“I know he has a residence somewhere around here… Ah! There he is! Hello, Ser Dorn.”
D:“If you are to use my first name then you need not precede it with formalities, and if you so choose the formalities then please use my surname rather than my given. Simply Dorn or Ser Blathe. But can be of consequence at a later time, who is this young lady that I have the pleasure of meeting?”
G:“Her name is Ruby Rose, and I was just trying to introduce her to our party, and so I brought her here to meet you. Oh, and my apologies for not understanding proper title usage.”
D:“Ruby Rose, it seems more like a chosen name than a given name, though I’ve found that chosen names are far more reflective of who someone is than that they’ve been given. It is no matter to dwell upon however, as I may be completely wrong. Salutations, Ruby Rose, friend of my friend.”
R:” Hello. You seem like a very thoughtful man, Ser Blathe.”
D:”I’ve had time to be thoughtful, far too much time. Maker give me patience, I’ve so much time that I know not what to do with it. Perhaps an extra shift on the guard would take my mind off… no matter.”
R:“That… sounds not so good. But, then again, nothing really is good half the time, and most of the other half of times is constantly under attack.”
D:”I’m not certain that I understand you, Ms. Rose.”
R:”Well, having too much time on one’s hands can also lead to crime, though you seem to control yourself well, others are not so well self-controlled, and the bad continues to spread. Sorry, if I’m still not making sense, but I can’t think of how I can try to explain it better.”
D:”Perhaps you misunderstand my plight. I’ve recently sent a letter and I now await a reply. Every waking moment since that letter was handed to the post I’ve been waiting, and thus every waking moment is stretched and I’ve far too much time on my hands, even though I should, by all rights, have none due to my shifts with the guard.”
R:“Oh! I didn’t know you meant that. Sorry.”
D:”How it tears me apart, this waiting. I know not how I’ll endure it, but again, no matter.”
R:“Who’s this letter to, might I ask?”
D:”A very pretty girl in Sothmere. Ah! Here we are, my own residence, please, come in, let us away from this bustling crowd."
G:“Wow, this is a nice home. Maybe in the future I could be lucky enough to have something like it.”
R:" Yeah, that would be nice. Enough going on around, but not too much, not run-down, but not a primary target for thieves. I’d like that."
D:”The thieves know better than to target the home of a member of the guard, much less a knight of Ferelden. Better still, even the most poor in this part of town benefit from the efforts of the gracious Bann Baranti. We still get crime, but far less of it, and never at a level that is truly dangerous.” Ser Blathe guides his guests inside his home, which is no large home, just a mid-sized house with a main room, a kitchen, a stool (bathroom), a main bedroom and a spare. Save his furniture, which is apt, this kind of home is common in style, but far larger than most. “Welcome in, please, situate your selves.”
G:”Thank you. Do you happen to know where our dwarven companion has gone off to?”
D:“Nay, I am entirely unaware as to his whereabouts, pray forgive me.”
R:" Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’m sure we can find many more things to do together, right?"
G:" Yes, of course. Do you have any suggestions?"
D:”Together, most curious. I’m afraid I know not of any suggestions for you at present time, But nay, please, while you are my guests I will treat you as such. I have some mediocre skill in baking and cooking, could I interest you in some food?” Blathe spake as he rested his gigantic blade on hooks on the wall.
R:" Thank you, and I think some food sounds nice right now. You are very generous, Ser Blathe."
D:”I only follow the example set for me by my Bann.”
Shortly after, the food happens (this is either lunch or dinner form of elevensies) and the guests decide they must go soon if they wish to do more things.
D:”I don’t often have company, but please, do come back if you ever feel so inclined.”
G:“Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors, both relating to and not relating to the post.”
D:”I need not luck, friend, merely patience. It is you who appears to be in need of some luck, and such is what I wish you.”
After they leave the Blathe residence, they proceed to wander around for a bit. They spend a while in a park of sorts where Ruby plays some more songs, and then it gets dark again. They return to their room.
G:" I’m not letting you try to sleep on the floor again tonight, Ruby."
R:“Then make room for me on the bed, because I’m not letting you stay down there either. And I won’t be changing my mind.”
G: “Understood.”
A few minutes later, when both are in bed,
Woooooosh (loud wind sounds)
G:" Sounds bad out there…"
R:" Yeah, I’d hate to have to be out in that. I’m actually a bit worried something’s going to break and fly through the window."
R:" What was that?" She inches closer to him without him noticing.
G:" I’m not sure, probably just a tree or something. Probably nothing."
With the Ferelden winter outside, Glegori stays still watching the window, while Ruby continues to inch closer.
Eventually, she gets to the point where they’re only a tiny bit apart when Glegori turns to face her.
G:" You seem closer than before. It’s something the matter?"
R:" I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you. I’m just still a bit scared. Do you mind if I…"
G:" I don’t see why you’re acting so nervous, but I suppose you can do what you’d like."
R:" Really? Thank you!" She scoots right up to him and then falls asleep.
G:" She is truly peculiar. (And I think I like it.)"
He falls asleep as well, letting an arm fall over her.

Over the next week or so, Glegori introduces Ruby to his other friends, and shortly after she leaves, Glegori goes to Ser Dorn Blathe’s home to have a discussion.

D: “Glegori! A pleasure to see you here again. What has happened to your lady-friend?”
G: “Ah, she’s gone off on a quest of some description. She’ll be gone for a while. In fact, I wanted to talk to you about something that may or may not relate to her. You see, I come here seeking… advice.”
{Side Note: I plan on putting this into the main DA folder soon, just so you know.}
D: “I hardly consider myself more cunning than a circle mage. I am but a humble warrior who wields the blade of my father. Yet if you so desire to seek advice from me, speak your questions and I will answer.”
G: “Well, I am seeking advice in more social areas, and I imagine you’ve had more experience in these parts of knowledge. I would like to know how to get a woman to love someone. I haven’t had nearly as much opportunity to learn these things."
D: “Love? Who am I to know of love? I am just as much of a flounder as ye in courting graces.”
G: “Were I a mediocre lawyer from another land, I’d call an objection. You seemed more than capable with that one girl from the village. The evidence would suggest that your statement is unfounded in some regions.”
D: “I am but a fool who writes thing on paper every fortnight. I really have no clear concept as to what she sees in me or my tongue. I am improvising as I see fit.”
G: “Well, at least you can clearly tell that she adores you. I’m not even sure how to figure that out. Also, you should still have more experience. I don’t need a tome of knowledge, I simply request a bit of assistance in whatever way you could spare. Please, any help would be very appreciated."
D: “Have you attempted to save her life in a very masculine fashion which involved vast bloodshed to yourself in the defense of a town of those who are practically strangers?”
G: “Uh, no. Hasn’t really been a chance to do so."
D: “Then I don’t exactly know how to help you, as that is the full extent of my experience, save letters, of course.”
G: sigh “I understand. Is there any other way you can help? Aside from advice that is sadly not overly useful in this situation?”
D: “My experience with women is my interactions with my Mother, my Bann, and Wanda. My experience in courting is limited to the last, and most beautiful, of those three. I have learned somewhat though, that apparently women like compliments, and chivalry, and honor, tenderness in some situations, wit, and an appreciation of beauty.”
G: “Hmm… I suppose that’s more commonly applicable advice than nearly get yourself killed saving her village. Or at least I hope that’s more commonly applicable."
D: “If by ‘nearly getting myself killed’ you refer to what I call ‘the fun way’ then yes, I suppose its more commonly applicable. Oh, Yes! They like swords, really big swords.”
G: “… I must have a much dirtier mind than almost everyone I come in contact with. Anyway, I suppose you’ve managed to figure out my purpose and who the intended ‘target’ of this is."
D: Blathe apparently didn’t hear his compatriots words, “And I mean really, really big swords. Absolutely massive swords. Longswords are nice, shortswords have their place, but truly enormous blades are what they really love. By my troth, examine my Setsuriku no Tenshi on the wall over there, Wanda loved it almost as much as I do.”
G: “Ahem, ah, excuse me, but were you paying attention? I promise that if you do I’ll talk to you about blades later.”
D: “I can only assume, of course, that you’ve been inquiring so that you may impress that lady friend of yours who you were with last we met.”
G: “Yes, her. No matter how much I try, any time I attempt to tell her how I feel, I am overcome by a crippling fear worse than any I’ve felt before a combat encounter, (only partially because many are ambushes, which is beside the point,) and I don’t know exactly why. I know I’m not the most courageous man to exist, but really, it seems odd that it happens."
D: “Need I remind you of the restrictions placed on the magi by the Chantry?”
G: “Need I remind you that I am a living person with emotions? I’m sorry, but a man will do as a man desires should the opportunity arrive, even if others wish he does not do what he so desires."
D: “I just find that I’d rather not have my friend be branded an apostate, and his children live in fear. Do as you wish then, but be prepared for the consequences of your actions before you take them.”
G: “I realize that those in power have placed rules against us magi. I also have a good idea why. It is very probable that the magi are the main threat to them. Just like… Him. My blood father, the man who utterly destroyed my life. Anyway, I’m sure discussing political issues can only end poorly, so I think we should stop this line of discussion. Would you like to talk about weapons, or should I be on my way?”
D: “Your only hope of a happy life with this girl would be joining the Grey Wardens, the Chantry can’t get you there. I hear that they’re recruiting though, so I would take any opportunity you can to prove yourself to them.”
G: “I understand where you’re coming from, but who has ever heard of a Warden living to an old age? It may seem like the only option at present time, but I assure you, time and events work in strange ways.”
D: “Our King and our Queen are both Wardens. Or were, at least.”
G: “I highly doubt one can stop being a Warden, plus I’m fairly sure they are still relatively young and haven’t been Wardens for long either. I assure you, I won’t act irrationally, just according to what goes on."
D: “Without a rebellion against the chantry on a massive scale, I don’t think you’d find a way to be free of them otherwise.”
G: “As I said, according to how time works itself. Now, please, could we change topics somewhat? My head is starting to ache. Why don’t you tell me more of your sword collection. I once heard of an old technique where a mage used their arcane power to wield physical weapons with greater skill. Arcane Warriors, I believe they were called, and I’ve thought that, if I were one, I’d use a bastard sword of some sort."
D: “I’ve only the one sword, and it, no, she has cost me everything. But she’s starting to bring me hope rather than despair as she once did.”
G: “That almost sounds philosophical, if you think about it. A sword being a bringer of both pain and hope. Well, it’s been an interesting talk, comrade. I believe I must go now. I imagine we’ll be doing this again at some point in the future, so stay well until then."
D: “Until then, comrade.”

(I told you it was uncomfortable.)

Glegori's Miscellaneous Adventures

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