Queen Cathleen Cousland

The queen of ferelden and hero of the last Blight


The queen wears regal garb, unless she goes into battle, when she wears leather and fights with a dagger and short sword.


Queen Cousland is essentially a celebrity. Hailed as the person who saved Ferelden during the Fifth Blight, Queen Cousland was born to nobility. She was recruited into the Grey Wardens, where she met her future husband, Alistair. After the disaster at Ostagar, they traveled throughout the land recruiting allies to stand against the darkspawn. After the Landsmeet, when Alistair was declared King, she married him and became Queen. She slew the Archdemon and survived, a feat that has not been accomplished by anyone in the long history of the Blights. Although her husband holds power in title, they rule as partners, and their reign so far has been very fair and just.

Queen Cathleen Cousland

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