Orvell Kosenoth

Merchant Prince of the city of Orzammar


Orvell wears fine heavy leather armor and carries a greataxe and a pair of throwing axes. He owns a draft horse, and is currently selling dwarven horns.


Orvell Kosenoth, self-proclaimed Merchant Prince of Orzammar, comes from an average merchant family, along with his brother Areleth. Orvell grew to detest violence, despite the necessity of defending Orzammar from the darkspawn hordes. He still occasionally resorts to force, but only as the very last resort.

Three years ago, Areleth began to have dreams about a red dragon and the surface world. He decided that he had to leave Orzammar, and left with the permission of the assembly, due to a brokered agreement involving discount prices and some other economic mumbo-jumbo. He told Orvell that he would return in about six months time, but he did not. Recently, Orvell decided that he would turn to the surface, under the guise of a merchant expedition, to search for Areleth. His search took him to Sothmere, and then to Denerim.

Orvell Kosenoth

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