Carson Oliver Jerrick

A war veteran and Mabari war hound trainer


Carson wears heavy chain mail armor and fights mainly with a longsword and shield. He also carries a battleaxe for extreme circumstances. He is never seen without his prized Mabari hound, Grendel.


Carson’s life is an interesting story. He was born just around the beginning of the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, and by the time he was an adult, grew tired of the oppression of his foreign masters. He also developed a profound love for dogs, his only companions in a run down orphanage in the heart of Denerim. He took an active role in the resistance movement, operating under the cover of a dog training business, and grew to be a trusted agent of the young Maric.
After the overthrow of the Orlesians, Carson declined a knighthood and continued his dog training business. His life remained as such until one fateful night in Denerim…

Carson Oliver Jerrick

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