Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 8: Amber Rage (Part 6)

The heroes complete their quest

Following their run-in with Ser VIlja, the heroes continue on to Wichford. They arrived to find the ferry fixed and the town inhabited. They find Strom Karsgard at the local inn, who Orvell recognizes. Strom informs them that Ser Vilem sent for a blackhaller after they left to pronounce judgement on the infected villagers. The heroes rush on towards Sothmere. Along the way, they encounter several of Ser Vilem’s men, sent ahead to kill them. The heroes escape and press onward as fast as possible.

As they arrive at Sothmere, the heroes witness preparations to burn the infected villagers. However, the heroes’ presence and the fact that they carry the shadowmoss calls the decision of the blackhaller into question. While Orvell gives the shadowmoss to Old Stoyanka, Ser Blathe challenges Ser Vilem to single combat. After a close, pitched duel, Ser Blathe emerges the victor. The blackhaller allows Old Stoyanka time to prepare the potion, and when applied, it slowly cures the villagers. The sheriff rewards the heroes with a sovereign each. There is much celebration in Sothmere and the heroes sell their scavenged goods. Orvell looks for his brother, realizing that he headed towards Denerim, and Ser Blathe courts Wanda. They agree to exchange letters. The next day, the heroes depart with the grain. Two weeks later, they arrive in Denerim on the eve of Satinalia. They meet with Bann Nicola, who is extremely grateful for their interference in the incident, and rewards them handsomely. She extends her patronage to Kattrin, Glegori, and Orvell, and Orvell continues to search for his brother, to little avail. The heroes enjoy the Satinalia festivities, and settle down to rest.

Quote of the Day: “He is a dear friend to you and a dear friend to my wallet.”


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