Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 7: Amber Rage (Part 5)

The heroes begin the return journey

As Ser Blathe and Carson draw on each other, Carson immediately runs back into the tunnels. Ser Blathe gathers the shadowmoss, hands the bag to Glegori, and heads after Carson. Carson is waiting at the exterior pool, and he and Blathe engage in a ferocious battle. In the end, Blathe is victorious, but he is severely wounded. Both Carson and his dog are knocked out because of Blathe’s mercy. The remaining party realizes that they do not know how to find their way out of the wilds. Glegori volunteers to attempt to navigate them first back to Dosov and then out of the wilds.

After about two hours of dangerous marsh travel, the party is ambushed by a group of wolves. The wolves are slain with relative ease, and afterwards, the party meets a dwarf merchant by the name of Orvell Kosenoth. Kosenoth leads them back to Dosov. Along the way, the encounter a trap set to capture ragers. They manage to avoid it and resume their travels after Kattrin shows off some acrobatics. The party encounters a group of Chasind stalkers from Dosov, here to question them about their experience with the rage disease. Ser Blathe mentions the possibility for a cure, and the stalkers offer to escort the heroes back to Dosov in exchange for being delivered a part of the cure. The heroes return to Dosov, get their horses, and leave the wilds. They are beseeched by a wounded stalker to eliminate two nearby ragers. They do so, and progress towards Whichford. Before reaching the hamlet, the heroes receive a request to parley from Ser Vilja Wulver, knight of the village of Wulverton. He requests the shadowmoss, as he must save his own village. Through negotiations, the heroes convince him to return to Sothmere and recieve a portion of the cure. Unfortunately, his posse attacks the party regardless, and Ser Vilja is slain in the crossfire. The heroes best the posse in a daring horseback battle, and continue on to Whichford.

Quote of the Day: “I’m still alive! Oh wait, no I’m not.”


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