Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 6: Amber Rage (Part 4)

The heroes are faced with a difficult choice

Following the encounter with the crab, a group of firesprites cluster around the pot of soup. After a few minutes of waiting, the heroes follow them through the swamp. They have a hairy encounter with a asphalt pit, but manage to escape without too much trouble. The heroes arrive at a secluded grotto, where the firesprites enter a murky pool. The mages use Rock Armor and the others use a variety of creative methods to dive through the pool and through a tunnel. They emerge into a large cavern, and are greeted by a gigantic serpent with huge horns.

An intense battle ensues, with the heroes slaying the snake. The heroes proceed into the tunnels on the edge of the cavern, following their noses to locate the source of a smell rather similar to the odor of the soup. They send Kattrin ahead to scout, and she discovers the source of the smell-a cavern filled with shadowmoss. Meanwhile, the rest of the party finds a pit filled with loot. Some of them are more lucky in finding treasure than others. Carson stumbles upon the shadowmoss room and both he and Kattrin realize the shocking truth that this is the last colony of firesprites, that the shadowmoss is the firesprites’ food, that the serpent they slew is the source of the food, and that the firesprites can make another serpent, but they will have to use the shadowmoss currently in their possession to survive. Kattrin and Carson decide to lie to the others to prevent the extinction of the firesprites. Despite their deception, Ser Blathe insists on looking for more shadowmoss. When he finds some, he and Carson engage in a heated argument over what to do. As the other heroes catch up, the conflict escalates until they decide to finish it in a duel.

Quote of the Day: “His name is Snakey-Wakey and he wants you to respect his life choices.”


You forgot about Kattrin’s attempt to swim up the waterfall; she almost made it too…

Session 6: Amber Rage (Part 4)
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