Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 5: Amber Rage (Part 3)

The heroes enter the Kocari Wilds

After leaving the tragic scene of the cordwain’s shop, the heroes, joined by a Circle Mage named Glegori Miamoto, must cross the treacherous ford at Wichford. Fortunately, the crossing occurs without much incident. Later, continuing on the trail of the raven, the party comes across a trapper named Branik, camping along the banks of the river. He informs them of a nearby Chasind village that might be willing to stable their horses for the dangerous trek across the Kocari Wilds. The heroes head toward the village, named Dosov, and are ambushed by a group of Chasind Stalkers, dispatched with little difficulty.

As the heroes arrive at Dosov, they are greeted by Baba Zorya, one of the leaders of the village. She is a peculiar character, with a pet python and a passion for wildwine. Carson negotiates with her for stabling for the horses and a boat for water travel. The negotiations take a rather amusing turn when Zorya passes out from a little too much wildwine. Departing Dosov, the heroes continue to follow the raven. The raven stops at a small hummock and keels over, dead. The heroes, as instructed, boil the foul mixture to summon the firesprites. Not all of them can take the pungent odor and lose their meal from earlier in the day. Unfortunately, the brew summons a gigantic crab. The heroes manage to fend off the crab and commence waiting for the firesprites.

Quote of the Day: “Attention: The crustacean is on the hummock. Please protect the nearest soup. Do not use the boat.”


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