Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 4: Amber Rage (Part 2)

The heroes undertake a quest to save the infected villagers

At the meeting, it is determined that the wounded villagers have been infected with a strange poison. Old Stonyanka, the wise woman, identifies it as the Amber Rage, which turns those infected into feral creatures. She has a brew that can stave off the effects of the rage, but it is not a permanent solution. A true cure will require shadowmoss, an ingredient only found deep in the Korcari Wilds. Ser Vilem and Bogdan, the blacksmith, argue that the infected villagers be put to death immediately. Sherrif Milo argues against this, and the heroes side with the sherrif. Eventually it is determined that the infected will be kept alive so that the heroes can recover some shadowmoss.

The next morning, Old Stonyanka meets the heroes to give them materials for the journey, including brew for Phoenix and Ser Blathe and a raven to guide them on their journey. She also tells them that they must return with the shadowmoss within three days. The heroes set off, crossing rocky terrain heading south. They come to a steep cliff and successfully, although difficulty, lead their horses down the slope. Next, they enter the hamlet of Whichford, whose ford is the only realistic crossing point of the river that forms the southern border of Ferelden. Inside the hamlet, the heroes are attacked by bloodcrows, but these are fairly easily repelled. Carson decides to loot the hamlet, and he stumbles upon a wounded cordwain on the top floor of his shop. The cordwain imparts that a second party of Ragers came through the hamlet earlier today and must be heading for Sothmere. He also realizes he will soon become a Rager and asks to be killed before that happens. Phoenix forgoes debate amongst the party and simply throws an Arcane Lance through the cordwain’s head. The heroes move on.


Where’s session 3? also, that’s a blatant way of a blatant ending for a thrice-dead man.

Session 4: Amber Rage (Part 2)
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