Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

Session 10: Where Eagles Lair (Part 2)

The heroes seek aid from the Avvars of Redhold

Soon, the heroes spot a roving party of genlocks, and they spring an ambush. The darkspawn are slain, and the heroes search for the trail of the smaller party. While searching, they come across a peculiar bird that appears to be watching them. The birds winks, and flies off in the direction of Redhold. The heroes find the smaller trail again, and follow it through the forest to the edge of the trees. There, they behold massive stone walls in a tight circle around the mountain face-the village of Redhold.

The party holds a lively debate on how to approach the walls, justly fearing for their safety after seeing such a massacre. Kattrin advises them to show their weapons to the watchers, so it appears they have nothing to hide. Eventually, they decide to follow her advice, and approach well within bow range. As they near the gates, they are greeted by Thayne Owyn of Redhold, who offers them his hospitality for three days. He and the other Avvars see the red lion’s pelt, and take it as a token that the heroes have the favor of the gods, as the red lion is the sacred animal of Redhold. The heroes are set up in fine lodgings, considering the mountain climate, and introduced to Lowenna, the Thayne’s niece, who acts as their guide. She leads them to Elorn, the clan’s shaman (and an apostate mage). Elorn reveals that the bird that was watching the heroes earlier was his familiar, and questions them to learn more about them. He concludes the conversation by feeding a goat to Redhold’s sacred animal, a red lion.

Quote of the Day: “It’s made of pants. Is it a pant elemental?”


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