A red sun rises over a field, normally used for grazing cattle. Today it will be used for burying corpses. A time of strife and political turmoil has ravaged the nation of Ferelden. Now, one year later, Ferelden is only now becoming stable. A new king reigns on the throne, and reconstruction efforts progress across the land. But the effects of the Blight are still felt. The Korcari Wilds and the Frostback Mountains still teem with Darkspawn, and Ferelden’s politicians seek to curry favor with, or take advantage of, the new king. In this unstable time, adventurers wander, seeking to eek out a living amongst the climate of unrest. And among all the strife, the seeds are sown of a conflict that will tear Thedas apart.

Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight is a dark fantasy campaign that follows a group of adventurers in the aftermath of the Fifth Blight of Thedas. It uses the Dragon Age RPG system from Green Ronin. We play about once a month, sometimes more frequently, and the wiki will be updated as it applies to our game. For more information on Dragon Age lore, see the Dragon Age Wiki.

Dragon Age: Shadows of the Blight

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